Easter, Its More than Chocolate Bunnies

I have always loved Easter/Spring time. As a kid, I had no idea of any spiritual significance, but I sure did love the chocolate! Still do! Especially those solid chocolate bunnies, Hmmm, yes! Oh, and those ‘Cadbury Easter Candy Coated Mini Eggs,’ I could eat bags of those! Love jelly beans, too. OK, I love all sweets. But I also love this time of year. The Spring-freshness in the air like after the rain and that great eye-popping beauty of new budding flowers and trees. It is refreshing, uplifting, and energizing to smell that incredible aroma of orange blossoms filling the air (I have a few orange trees in my backyard and when the breeze picks up…oh my, the fragrance is amazing! OK, yes, if you have allergies it is a bit of mixed blessing, yet the flowers are so beautiful, the bright colors are stunning, and the new life and new growth are a joy to witness. The refresh of springtime brings on a smile! What a wonderful time of the year, full of the hope of new life and thriving life.


Easter time and Spring bring in that refreshment of vitality not only in the plants and trees around us, but in our lives as we are reminded of the newness and vitality that Jesus can bring. A number of wonderful and interesting things happened during Easter week or Holy Week from what is called Palm Sunday through the week to Easter Sunday. Here are a few highlights from the Bible:


Palm Sunday Matthew 21:1-11, Mark 11:1-10, Luke 19:28-44, John 12:12-18 Jesus enters the city of Jerusalem where people think Jesus might use His miraculous power and overthrow the Roman and religious oppression and set up His kingdom of peace. But Jesus has a different plan.


Holy Monday Jesus sees the religious system of the day that exploited people and made faith all about our efforts, not the greatness and grace of God and He chases people out of the temple in Jerusalem. Matthew 21:12-13, Mark 11:15-17, Luke 19:45-46


Holy Tuesday Jesus teaches about the things to come. Mark 11:27-12:44, Luke 20:1-21:4


Holy Wednesday The religious leaders plot to have Jesus killed. Matthew 26:3-5


Maundy Thursday Jesus washes the disciples feet and gives a new commandment to love one another. John 13:1-34


Good Friday Jesus is arrested: Matthew 26:36-46, tried: Matthew 26:57-27:14, sentenced to death on a cross: Matthew 27:15-26, tortured: Matthew 27:27-31. and crucified Matthew 27:32-44, where He gives up His life: Matthew 27:45-55, and is buried in a tomb: Matthew 27:56-66


Easter Sunday Jesus rises from the dead! Matthew 28:1-20, Mark 16:1-20, Luke 24:1-53, John 20:1-21:25


Jesus’ resurrection is validation and verification that all He taught is true, that we can have a new, revitalized life in Him.

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!

Our sin-tainted human nature Romans 3:23, 6:23 does not have to shape our destiny. We can be free to be the people God created us to be. The truth is Jesus can make a difference in our lives and Easter is a yearly reminder. Sure the chocolate is fun and enjoyable, but Easter is way more than that. Why not look into yourself. Find a church and attend one of their Easter week services. Read through some of Bible verses mentioned. You might find just what you are looking for. I know I have.


If you do not already have a church where you attend, we would like to invite you to Cypress Church or any of our branch churches. Our website has all the information you would need www.cypresschurch.net. We would love for you to join us this Easter season.


Enjoying both chocolate and Jesus this Easter along with you,



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