A Divine Interruption

It happened right in the middle, I’m sure this has happened to you, you are involved in some activity and all of a sudden you are hit with a thought, an insight. Sometimes it’s related to what you are doing and sometimes not.  It’s like time stops and a cascade of information goes running through your mind, some call it an epiphany; others call it A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder). I call it a divine interruption, but it happens and many times for me right in the middle of something else.

Well this divine interruption hit me smack in the middle of my daughter’s wedding ceremony. There I was soaking in the moment, along with Jessika’s now husband, Jericho’s dad, leading our kids through a wonderful ceremony to be joined before God and family and friends. It was lovely, worshipful, and meaningful…with tears of joy and appreciation for God to witness and be part of such a great start to a new life.

So this divine interruption came as I was challenging them to love God with all of themselves…I sharedMatthew 22:37-39

Matthew 22:37-39   37Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’  38 This is the first and greatest commandment.  39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

And as I was telling them how much God loved them, I said. “And God loves you even more then we do as your parents.” And that’s when it hit me. My mind took me on a mental journey of my daughter’s life; her birth (that I missed, that’s a whole story right there), her infancy, her funny way she squished up her face, the little school girl in her cute dresses twirling in the living room, the day she was lead to the Lord by her older sister, the overalls she wore where she looked like one of those little skinny waifs that can’t find clothes that fit, her Jr. High days where she would stand on the chair at meals and sing, her reaching out to friends and loving them unconditionally, her departures on mission trips, time on Skype from Sri Lanka, and her graduation from college. And now right here in front of me is a drop-dead gorgeous woman marrying a fine, godly man. And in all this I thought I could not love her more than I do right now, no one could love her more…and there was nothing, I mean NOTHING I would not do for her!

This divine interruption went on…that the truth is there is One who does love her more…it is the One that hand crafted her cell by cell as Psalms 139 says…fearfully and wonderfully made. The One who loves her more is the One who did already lay down His life for her as John 15:13 says. This One is the Lord Jesus, our God and Savior.

So in this, what seemed to me to be minutes was just a flash, God reminded me how great a love He has for us…greater than any love out there. No one will ever be able to love us like God. It’s deeper, wider, higher, stronger, longer lasting, never stopping, always there. A love that stabilizes, comforts, builds us up and gives us a security like nothing else. It’s a love open for all. All we have to do is reach for it.

Both Jessika andJerichohad reached for that love through believe in Jesus as their Savior and continue to do so as they grow in their relationship with Him. I have spent Jess’ lifetime loving her as my daughter and she knows her daddy loves her because not only have I initiated that love, but she has too and still does.  And through this father daughter relationship she has experienced my love. The same goes with us and God. We need to initiate and keep initiating connection with Him through prayer and reading His Word (the Bible), as well as serving His purposes and seeking to live life His way. And as we do we will experience His love.

Now all that happened as I said, “And God loves you even more then we do as your parents…and that’s a lot.” I don’t think anyone noticed the slight pause, but I had a divine interruption that reminded me how much God loves us…run towards that love, you will never be the same.

Experiencing God’s Love with you,


PS Don’t forget this Sunday is something special for us at Cypress Church, it is our Annual Celebration where we celebrate all that God has done for us this year, look forward to next year, and affirm a few business items our elders are bringing before us (next years spending plan, new elders and trustees). The service starts at 10:00 am at Cypress Church with a free lunch provided. We would like to ask that each family bring a side salad or dessert.  If your last name begins with the letters A-L, please bring a side salad.  If your last name begins with an M-Z, please bring a dessert.  PLEASE BRING YOUR ITEMS IN DISPOSABLE CONTAINERS. I sure hope you can make it. This is going to be a wonderful time together.

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One Response to A Divine Interruption

  1. Scotty West says:

    Grateful with tears at the thought of our King Jesus the groom and His love for His bride us sinners- Truly God’s grace must of been at the wedding of a daughter |:-} < Yediah (my daughter) turned 8 a few weeks back and I already dream of the day she gets married in 30 year's or so |:-} < to the man that Jesus is already loving more then I could imagine!!
    That's for the post Pastor Mike,
    West Family,

    Psalm 86:5-7
    For you, O Lord, are good and forgiving, abounding in steadfast love to all who call upon you. Give ear, O LORD, to my prayer; listen to my plea for grace. In the day of my trouble I call upon you, for you answer me.

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