Thankful Interactions

Almost as entertaining as TV or a movie, I like watching people. Don’t you?  Like the time I saw an elderly couple walking in a park holding hands, exchanging longing glances and a little kiss on the cheek as she moved in and held tighter to his arm.  I thought, ‘how fun, they seem so much in love’.  Or there was the time this guy, in very expensive clothes, was impatiently waiting for his coffee and making derogatory comments at how slow the people were working, as he was yelling at someone on the phone, and getting made that people were in his way.  Then, as he left the coffee shop he turned into a planter and spilled coffee down his suit.  I know it was not very kind, but I did chuckle.  People watching is fun, there’s drama, comedy, suspense, love stories, and more.  Now, you may say that’s what you love about “Reality TV”, but just remember though, most of the shots are candid and unrehearsed, an editor has strung them together, taking some out of context, to create their own desired outcome. So for me watching just plain reality is very interesting and a few times God reveals some important truths. 

Like the other day I was in line at Taco Bell again, (yes I know I go there often but there’s nothing like a chicken soft taco…I could eat them everyday!  And besides only 150 calories…ok maybe I do like food too much, but oh my, is it fun to eat!!!)  Anyway, I was in line and this young person walked up and said with a kind of strained low cool-gangster voice, with his head cocked to one side staring at the menu; “aaaah gimmy one of those number 5’s.”  The lady behind the register repeated the order and the cost. Once she collected the money she returned the change in a polite tone and said thank you…the guy said nothing and moved on. 

The next customer was an older woman who was smiling and greeting the lady behind the counter who smiled back and asked her what she would like.  The older woman had her order ready and said; “May I please have just a bean burrito and a small soda, thank you”.  The transaction was pleasant and “thank you” was said numerous times.  As I observed this polarity of interactions I thought about how I interact with others and what people might observe as I interrelate with others. 

I also thought about my own interactions with God and Psalm 103 popped into my head

Psalm 103:1-2  NAS  Bless the LORD, O my soul; And all that is within me, bless His holy name.  2 Bless the LORD, O my soul, And forget none of His benefits;

To Bless is to adore and thank.  In other words, one of the ways we are to interact with the Lord is to adore and thank Him.  And as the verse goes on to “forget none of His benefits”.  So what benefits come to your mind?  If you need some help take out your Bible and read on to the end of the psalm.  It’s a great list.  I know as I read through Psalm 103 I found myself very grateful of all that the Lord has done for me and the way He really cares for me.  I felt thankful and even found myself being more thankful in my interactions with others.  Maybe it will for you as well.

Jesus said in Matthew 12:34, the last part of the verse… “For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart.”  Read the whole chapter and get an even greater insight.  But the truth is, if we are not thankful, there is not a whole lot of chance we will give people much thanks nor have many thankful interactions. 

So work out the thankful muscle and bless the Lord.

Blessing the Lord with you,


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