In Justin’s sermon this past Sunday he mentioned how Paul, while not quoting chapter and verse of Scripture, gave a message on Mars Hill that was rich with Old Testament theology. Here’s a chart from Clinton E. Arnold’s “Acts” commentary in the Zondervan Illustrated Bible Background Commentary page 391.

Paul’s Dependence on the Old Testament in the Areopagus Address
Statement Old Testament Reference
God made the world and everything in it (v.24) Gen. 1-2; Isa. 42:5, Jer. 10:12, 16
Lord of heaven and earth (v.24) Ex. 20:11; Isa. 42:5 (see also Matt. 11:25)
God does not live in temples built by hands (v.24) 1 Kings 8:27 (see also 2 Cor. 5:1)
God does not need anything from the people he has created (v. 25) 1 Chron. 29:14; Ps. 50:7-15
God as the source of “breath” (vs. 25) Gen. 2:7; Isa. 42:5
God appointed the eras for the successive nations (v. 26) Deut. 32:8; Dan. 2:36-45 (see also Luke 21:24)
God established national boundaries (v. 26) Deut. 32:8; Ps. 74:17
God desires that people would seek him (v. 27) Ps. 14:2; Prov. 8:17; Isa. 55:6; 65:1; Jer. 29:13
God is not far away (v. 27) Ps. 145:18; Jer. 23:23-24
God is not like an image made out of gold, silver, or stone (v. 29) Duet. 5:8; Ps. 115:2-8; Isa. 37:19; 44:9-20
God has overlooked such ignorance (v.30) (see Rom. 3:25)
God calls men now to repent (v.30) Isa. 59:20; Jer. 15:19; Ezek. 14:6; 18:30, 32; (see also Matt. 3:2; 4:17; Acts 2:38; 3:19)
God will judge the world (v.31) Ps. 9:8; 96:13; 98:9; Isa. 66:16; Jer. 25:31 (see also Matt. 11:22, 24; 12:36)
God has appointed a man who will judge (v.31) (see John 5:22, 27, 30)
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